Lost in Bloomden Valley

I recommend this for children and young readers. ūüėć

Writer's Tale

When illusion meets reality, imagination stops and magic begins

Going through hundreds of children’s fiction books written by different authors in individual writing style, it gives sound idea and enthusiasm to write one by your own.

Exactly, same happened with me. When I read more children fiction books and related content, various ideas started buzzing in my mind. The stories were automatically built up, waiting for proper narrative structures to be molded into.

Out of flowing streams of ideas in my mind, I nurtured one and shaped it into a form of book. Result: I successfully got my first children fiction bookto be published, namely ‚ÄėLost in Bloomden Valley‚Äô.

It is a short story book which is written specially for children to read peaceful and light content. The story is about a ten-year old girl who is suffering from schizophrenia (a rare mental illness). The book is not sci-fiction or…

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The Man Next Door

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