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About December

Someone told once told me about December,Its memories and strong winds,Nights are longer with beautiful moons,Days are shorter with strong coffee, Someone took me to December,Through moments of laughter and tears,It thin and thick don't lie still,So is the wind, We all have our Decembers,The presents, people, memories, and survivalIts origin I care-lessBut in its … Continue reading About December


Yesterday I stayed up all night trying to figure out what's next,Carrying my heart content in a mug My life has been a series of ups and downs,With so much opportunity to leverage and so much disappointment sustained My goals, just like my father's and the father before him,My purpose, just like my mother's and … Continue reading Hope


Time will tell... The moments we've lost, The stories we've made, And every tear dropped in pain and laughter Time will heal... The memories that hurt, That which remained broken, And every wound that remained open Time will pass... Through every chapter we've written, The history we will become, And the dust we would remain … Continue reading Time