As I slowly fade away from your side,I promise I'll be there invisibly, With soundless claps of cheer,Standing close by with the widest smile,Knowing this was right, and worth it… Until when the distance gets closer,And then like a mirage,I would fade away and would never exist, Traceless,And like a flicker,We would remain a good … Continue reading Mirage


For This Time

For a time, love failedAnd hope was all that remained For the time of tears with despairWhile holding on to nothing For the time lost with no directionHurting with lost energy Somehow that soul got to survive.In pieces, finding peace. Hoping that someday in a timeLife would perhaps be kind And if tomorrow couldn't be … Continue reading For This Time

Fake love

Here's to our unscrewed moments of laughter and tears, the expired desires, and everything that retired with our love… Here's to our sour affection blowing off to dust…. Here's to our despaired heart pierced with tattoos of bitter-sweet memories… I'd swear we were true, but our affair was fake, So here's to our screwed taboo … Continue reading Fake love